Products and services I use and recommend to support a natural healing journey

Some of these may be affiliated, which means I may receive a small percentage of the sale. These products and services are here because I use them myself and believe strongly in their benefits

The Super Patch company offers a collection of patches to suit your individual needs. They come in the shape of patches you stick on your body and their technology 'reads' your skin and answers the gaps you have.
Most popular are :
Freedom - freedom from pain
REM- for a good night's sleep
PEACE - say goodbye to stress
Liberty - for support after injury, rehab or recovery.
Enter Ref number 111189613 if prompted

Groundology is a UK-based company that specialises in earthing (or grounding) products. Grounding is said to be one of the most important aspects to help heal chronic conditions or unexplained medical conditions as well as protect us from radio-magnetic damage. Grounding is just as important to us as air and light, and if we can't get this charge naturally from walking bare feet on the ground, this is a wonderful second best!

Tea with Intentions!
Our unique blends highlight a full experience. The taste and fragrances of each blend wake up the senses. The colours are bold and beautiful, just like Cape Breton Island. Lastly, our intentions with each tea and special recipes create fun occasions to share with others while enhancing your day. Enjoy the recipes, tea pairings, and special events below... (go to site using the button or image)