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If you suffer from chronic pain, illness, or unexplained medical conditions, then you've come to the right place! My healing methods have helped numerous people whose doctors told them they'd never get better (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually!)
 My name is Einav Avni and I am an Alignment Coach and an Emotion, Body and Belief  Codes Energy Healer. The message I bring to the world is of alternative healing: I will never tell you to stop taking your medication, but I will help you to heal or reduce your symptoms naturally!

My interpretation is that we have two ways of looking at things. One is the physical way, where we have pain and physical suffering, and the other, is the energetic way, where we experience fears, limiting beliefs, frustrations and compromises.  

If you believe your body is a machine, you'll fix it with surgery. If you believe your body is energy, you'll fix it by acknowledging the emotions and blockages that stop it from being healthy and vibrant!  

In the work I do with you while acknowledging the physical aspect, we connect on the energetic level, and that's where we create shifts and clarity that eventually bring you back to health and happiness.  

The work we do together is highly transformational, and as we clear away years of limitations and fears, the new you emerge. It is not a magic wand and the journey takes as long as it does, with noticeable shifts already from session one.  

Schedule a call with me to find out how my energy healing is different!

What we do when we work together

  • 10 sessions of 1:1 energy healing work (Emotion, Body and Belief Codes healing modalities) and Alignment Coaching
  •  (alternatively, 6 sessions of remote healing - for those under 17 or those who can't get to a computer)
  • Identify and release trapped emotions, imbalances, limiting beliefs and blocked energy causing you pain and discomfort
  • Work on understanding the root cause at the base of your chronic pain, illness or unexplained medical condition
  • Give your body back its innate ability to heal itself

What can you expect after working together

  • Reduction of pain levels and discomfort already from session 1 (and/or its processing days)
  • Increase in energy levels
  • releasing of outdated limiting beliefs that are holding your back
  • Change in how you show up to the world. Things that bothered you before won't seem as bothersome anymore!
  • Feeling lighter and calmer as subconscious blockages are removed
  • A new outlook on life:  feeling more aligned with your values, passion and purpose
  • Less overthinking, over-worrying or living life from within your comfort zone. It's a new you, in a pace and rhythm that feels right to you.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can you guarantee healing?

A. The true and honest answer is that I can't (nor do I set out to). Each person has their own healing journey and this varies, not only by their physical condition but also by their mental and emotional one.
What I can guarantee is a reduction in pain and discomfort and a change in energy levels and confidence

Q. Do you do one-off sessions?

A. Your subconscious mind knows exactly what caused you to feel the way you do right now and it also knows what needs to be released to let that go. This is rarely achieved in just one session, but I found that 10 sessions can. For this reason, I only offer packaged sessions
I do now offer a one-off session combining the Belief Code with Heart Wall clearing - feel free to enquire about that :)

Q. Why should I choose you?

A. I  believe that every physical ailment has an emotional root cause. In the work I do I combine the energy healing that will clear your energy field from the blocked energy that causes your pain and discomfort, with the alignment coaching. The alignment coaching helps you see where you (unknowingly) chose to follow fears and coping mechanisms and gives you the tools to never live out of alignment again.
This means that once we clear your physical situation, it has no reason to come back!

Q. What are your packages?

A. I offer 4 different packages:
1.One-off 90 minutes session combining Belief Code with Heart Wall clearing
2. 10 sessions of 2 hours each
3. 6 remote sessions (1 hour each). (for young people under 17 and those who can't get to a computer - only)
4. Animals sessions - 'remote session' up to 1 hour long

Q. What happens in the sessions?

A. we meet online and spend (approximately) half the session talking about you, exploring together places or instances where you were operating from fears and limitations, and finding ways and tools to see and do things differently (finding your own empowered way to move forward).
In the second half, we do the energy healing - either working on your specified ailments or asking your subconscious mind what is the most important thing it needs us to clear. Then we do that!
In the remote sessions, I will use your picture, age and permission to connect with your subconscious mind and clear either what you tell me to, or, again, by asking your subconscious mind

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More about this eBook:

Ever since I started my coaching business, I have always been fascinated by our negative voice and the fear it instils in us to keep us small, limited and frightened. In my work with people, I always talk about the lies the negative voice tells us in order to keep us safe. I also help people dial down the negative voice and tune, instead, to their voice of intuition and what I refer to as the Unconscious mind.

If pushed, though, I will further say that the fears we are being fed and played on, don't have to stop us but be our own internal guide for the way we can approach challenges or obstacles we come across. Not every fear brings wisdom with it, and this book is an invitation to look the fears in the eye, take the learning and move forward. I hope you download it and share the link with your friends. It's time we found our inner courage and took action!

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