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Untangled Healing
Pain-Free Living


My name is einav (always non-capital if possible) and I am a Coach and a Healer. I combine Confidence and Empowerment Coaching with Energy Healing modalities (the Emotion and Body Codes). Depending on what brings you to me, we may do one, the other, or a combination!

From the coaching and conversations points of view, I am a strong believer that most of our problems in life come when we listen to our negative self-talk instead of the voice of our higher mind (unconscious mind) - where our self-knowing and wisdom reside! It doesn't matter if your struggle is with mind OR body, if you believe you can't do something, then you won't; and if you believe you can, then you will. How to do this? Leave it with me to guide you on your own, tailor-made journey into healing and pain-free living!

my interpretation is that we have two ways of looking at things. One is the physical way, where we have pain and suffering, and the energetic way, where we experience fears, trapped emotions, frustrations and blockages.

If you believe your body is a machine, you'll fix it with surgery. If you believe your body is energy, you'll fix it by acknowledging the emotions and blockages that stop it from being healthy and vibrant!

In the work I do with you while acknowledging the physical aspect, we connect on the energetic level, and that's where we create shifts and clarity that eventually bring you back to health and happiness.

The work we do together is highly transformational, and as we clear away years of limitations and fears, the new you emerges. It is not a magic wand and the journey takes as long as it does, with noticeable shifts already from session one.

Ways to work with me:

1:1 coaching  

  • The negative voice 
  • Belief systems 
  • Fears and conditioning  
  • The alternative self 
  • Letting go of the old self-image 
  • Creating your new future 
  • Collaborating the 3 brains Identifying core values 
  • And more

Emotion / Body Code

  • Identifying and releasing your heart wall
  • Identifying and releasing trapped emotions
  • Identifying and releasing pain and discomfort 
  • Removing emotional baggage as possible to bring you to your original, natural energy flow 
  • Helping your body get back its ability to heal itself 
  • And more

The Healing Group

  • Group setting of up to 5 people 
  • 3 months program 
  • Once weekly group meeting (2 hours) 
  • Once weekly 1-1 body code session
  • Identifying the underlying rage and trauma 
  • Peer support, love, acceptance and healing
  • Healing conversations (as shown in the 1:1 part
  • And more

Clients' stories