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Untangled Healing
Healing without medicine


If you suffer from chronic pain, illness, or unexplained medical conditions, then you have come to the right place! You've probably been to plenty of professionals, or maybe even tried some energy healing before, and you just want to get rid of the pain. You've lived with it long enough!
 My name is Einav Avni and I am a Coach and a Healer. I combine Confidence and Empowerment Coaching with Energy Healing modalities (Emotion and Body Codes) -  a proven combination that heals body, mind and soul!  

My interpretation is that we have two ways of looking at things. One is the physical way, where we have pain and physical suffering, and the other, is the energetic way, where we experience fears, limiting beliefs, frustrations and blockages.  

If you believe your body is a machine, you'll fix it with surgery. If you believe your body is energy, you'll fix it by acknowledging the emotions and blockages that stop it from being healthy and vibrant!  

In the work I do with you while acknowledging the physical aspect, we connect on the energetic level, and that's where we create shifts and clarity that eventually bring you back to health and happiness.  

The work we do together is highly transformational, and as we clear away years of limitations and fears, the new you emerges. It is not a magic wand and the journey takes as long as it does, with noticeable shifts already from session one.  

Schedule a call with me to find out how my energy healing is different!

What we do when we work together

  • 6 weeks of 1:1 energy healing work (Emotion and Body Codes healing modalities) 
  • Once weekly healing group
  • Identifying and releasing trapped emotions, imbalances and blocked energy interfering with your natural energy flow
  • Identifying trauma, rage and other repressed emotions that contribute to the way you are feeling right now
  • Identifying and releasing pain and discomfort  
  • Giving your body back its innate ability to heal itself

What can you expect after working together

  • Reduction of pain levels and discomfort already from session 1 (and/or its processing days)
  • Increase in energy levels
  • Change in how you show up to the world. Things that bothered you before don't seem as bothersome anymore!
  • Feeling lighter and calmer as subconscious blockages are removed
  • A new outlook on life:  feeling more aligned with your values, passion and purpose
  • Less overthinking, over-worrying and living life from within your comfort zone. It's a new you, in a pace and rhythm that feels right to you.

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