The Emotion and Body Codes

We are all energy, and when we go through emotional events or trauma that we can't process, the energy of the emotions becomes trapped in our energy field.
That's when we struggle - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The Body Code is a way for us to identify and release imbalances that cause physical and emotional discomfort. It is a type of energy healing that is incredibly powerful and is such because every trapped emotion or imbalance we release, allows our body to get back its innate ability to heal itself.

The Body Code helps us make real differences in areas that even modern medicine fails, because it looks at the body as a whole, and doesn't focus on the symptoms only.

See the image at the bottom of the page for areas where we can help heal or reduce pain and symptoms.

How I work with people

As much as possible, I combine coaching with healing because I believe they complement each other in ways no other healing does.

The empowerment coaching helps you see where you stopped following your heart and bought into your fears, instead. Here we dig deep and explore the stories and the coping mechanisms you created for yourself when you didn't know better, and together we find better tools that stay with you and help you to create the life that you want - with alignment, harmony and expansion.

The healing follows the path of the Emotion Code and Body Code. Depending on what you ring to the table, we will use either or both, so that at the end of the session, your subconscious mind has started healing you in a more charged way.

I work with people in 3 ways:
- 10 sessions of 2 hours each (1-hour coaching and 1-hour healing)
- 8 sessions of 90 minutes each (45 minutes each)
- 6 sessions of 1 hour each - healing only (remote sessions only)

Payment plans are available

Clearing trapped emotions & imbalances in pets & farm animals

If your animals are going through something that feels off, they are unwell, they have repeated symptoms, or they seem to be displaying a particular emotion, then you might want to have their trapped emotions released.

Just like with humans, animals experience emotions which they can then trap, and also, can have associated imbalances that impact their health and well-being.

Use the button below to book a clearing session for your animal/s.
I will need their name, age, a photo as well as a brief description of what you're noticing about them.

The session is done remotely and will be up to 1 hour long, at the end of which I will email you the report of what I found

What can be worked on? 

Disclaimer: As part of the sessions I identify and release trapped emotions that interfere with your body's ability to heal itself. I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose conditions nor am I able to guarantee the outcomes of the sessions.