The Emotion and Body Code

We are all energy, and when our energy field is blocked, we can't give ourselves the life we want for ourselves.

That's when we struggle - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The Body Code is a way for us to identify and release imbalances that cause physical and emotional discomfort. It is a type of energy healing that is incredibly powerful and is such because every trapped emotion or imbalance we release, allows our body to get back its innate ability to heal itself.

The Body Code helps us make real differences in areas that even modern medicine fails, because it looks at the body as a whole, and doesn't focus on the symptoms only. Areas we can work on with the Emotion and Body Code include: - Chronic issues - Anxiety or depression - Infertilities - Allergies - Addictions - Sleep issues - Phobias - Physical pain - and many more

What can be worked on?

Disclaimer: As part of the sessions I identify and release trapped emotions that interfere with your body's ability to heal itself. I am not a medical doctor and cannot diagnose conditions nor am I able to guarantee the outcomes of the sessions.