The work we do together is deep, meaningful and packed with results in ways you can never imagine.
Not only do you get the physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual healing you seek, but you also get a chance to understand what got you to where you are right now.

You see, we are a combination of these two things: we are both all energy, and we are also emotional beings.
When we go through emotional events or trauma we can't or don't process, the energy of the emotions become trapped in our energy field, causing us to feel ill or unwell.

Together we go into that place of healing that will set you free: from physical pains, from emotional, mental or spiritual exhaustion.  Whatever is not working right now, we can make it better!

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Q. What are the Emotion and Body Codes healing modalities?
A. They are energy-healing modalities that work on the understanding that as we are all energy when we fail to process emotional events or traumas, the energy of the emotions becomes trapped in our bodies, blocking our energy fields and creating physical, mental emotional and spiritual symptoms, pains and discomfort.
Q. What usually happens in a session?
A. We will usually start the session by talking about you, the challenges you are facing and anything you would like to talk about that you feel is relevant to the session. Regardless if your troubles are physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we will find the blind spots where emotions, rage or trauma are hiding and explore how these contributed to the way that you feel. Later on, we will move to the healing section of the session, where I will connect with your subconscious mind and let it guide me in clearing trapped emotions and imbalances contributing to how you feel.
Q. How many sessions am I likely to need?
I work with people on a minimum of 6 sessions as I find people get the best results in this number of sessions. People with more serious health problems and underlying issues may benefit from more sessions, but they will all experience a significant change in their symptoms and pain levels in the initial 6 weeks work.