Packages and Fees

Payment plans available


'one-hour' sessions are one-off sessions for anyone curious about my methods and how they all work together. You may use it as one hour of healing, a combination of coaching and healing, or REMOTE healing if you can't get to the computer (elderly people, children or people who are bedridden).
Choose from Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code or Heart Wall work


Each session in this package of 6 combines an hour of healing and an hour of coaching. This combination ensures that we don't only clear trapped emotions and imbalances from your energy field, but we teach you how to get back into alignment so that you never have to suffer in the same way again


This package is the most popular because it gives you all the time you need to get your health and alignment into a solid place. At the end of the 10 sessions, you will have all the tools you need to continue improving on your own, or you may choose to continue and take your healing and alignment to the next level


Most of us have a heart wall, which is our subconscious mind's way of keeping us protected from the unforgiving outside world.
With each emotion we clear, we get lighter, more energised and feel like we can deal with things we didn't feel we could before. Have this session first if in doubt about any of this


Too many of us feel like we repeal money more than we attract it, and this REMOTE session is perfect for you if this resonates. In this session, I will go through 101 limiting beliefs around money, clear them and replace them with more empowering ones. 


This package is for people whose main focus is coaching and not healing. The coaching I offer is all about understanding where we operate from fears and limitations and how to move into harmony, alignment, trust and empowerment. 8 sessions of 90 minutes each


The AME for Greatness Project is a unique, collaborative approach to natural healing. This package is for you if you want to vary your healing journey with 3 different approaches all working seamlessly together. This work is done in collaboration with Ann Smets and Dr Michelle Greenwell