What makes me procrastinate?

Are you fed up with your procrastination?

Webinar Summary

Are you struggling to get things done? Are you beating yourself up for procrastinating? The one action you can take that will transform how you feel is simply to watch this webinar! You will be surprised and delighted to understand it's easier than you think! In just 40 minutes, you will learn the actual tips that will help you turn it all around - from feeling fed up and frustrated to creating actual plans for action that will feel rewarding and aligned, and more importantly - DONE!

Join the webinar: where we cover: what is procrastination, the 4 procrastination types, the bigger picture and what you can do instead. Insightful, easy to follow and great tips you can implement right away!

Einav Avni

einav avni is an Emotion and Body Codes Energy Healer and an Empowerment Coach. She mainly works with people suffering from chronic pain, illness, or unexplained medical conditions to heal or reduce their symptoms. Einav also works with people on recognising the negative voice and limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

In her coaching and healing, einav combines methods and techniques from the worlds of the Emotion and Body Codes, NLP, Evolutionary Coaching, Neuroscience and Buddhism, all allowing her to connect with her clients and audience on a deep level that can lead to complete healing profound transformations.

einav is a writer x5 (one co-authored book: 'The Power of Reinvention' and 4 ebook series titled ‘Invest in your Team’s Confidence and Empowerment).

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  • No more procrastination
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    Learn why you procrastinate and more importantly - how to replace the 'not doing' with doing 'slowly but surely'

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