The DOING game

What makes us believe the more we do the more successful we're going to be? What if we did less? Or changed how we did things, completely?


An exercise I sometimes do with my clients is to find out their core values. Our Core Values are mostly subconscious and are or driving force behind the decisions we make and the feeling we get when we do something that aligns with our values vs the feelings we get when we don't. The exercise helps bring these values into our conscious awareness, so we can clearly see where the discrepancies are that make us feel so stuck, and sometimes damn right miserable.

I remember a conversation I had with one of my clients once, as we were doing this Values work. One of her values was connecting with nature. I asked her to tell me the percentage to which she currently honoured this value. I don't think I exaggerate when I say we both felt a shiver go down our spines when she said it was practically a zero.

This conversation was so visceral, that the next time we met she was sharing about weekend trips into nature and spending quality time with friends while out and about.

The reason I am telling you all this is that very often, the things that matter to us most, are the first things we let go of when we feel overwhelmed in our lives. It's like we get into self-preservation mode, and only have energy for the things we deem most important.

For many of us, these 'important things' become the only thing we do, and on the rare occasion when we allow ourselves to remember what we really enjoyed or wish for ourselves in this life, we get really, really, confused.

We start asking ourselves questions like:
- but what can I do <to make this happen>?
- what are the exact steps I must take?
- where will I get the money from?
- what will happen if I fail?

So, we notice we are not very happy or fulfilled and we start thinking about stuff we can change in our lives. In no time at all, the questions above start to come up and we pause. We listen to the questions and we let the fears come in. We invite the fears in for tea and biscuits and we say YES! This is EXACTLY how I feel!

And the fears feel welcomed and very understood, and all of a sudden, it's 10 years later and you feel stuck, frustrated, but still full of fears. And again, you ask yourself - but what can I do to change?? And also, you might say, if I knew HOW to change, I'd have already done it!!! And so time keeps on passing, your fears have left the guest room and moved into the main house. In fact, you, yourself now live in a sleeping bag in the garden... how did the fears get so real...?

Let's pause for a second, so I can briefly remind you that most of our fears are self-made and don't, actually, know that everything is going to be a disaster and we'll be spending the rest of our days begging on the streets.

Fears mostly come from our negative mind, as and such, they try to be helpful, thinking they'll just help us get more organised and thorough, and instead, we take them so seriously and believe they have the ability to predict the future.

The point is, that our negative mind will tell us we must have everything worked out before we can take a step forward, but the truth is, my darlings, that the opposite is true.
We don't need to DO MORE, we need to DO LESS.
We don't need to have everything planned out, we need to have an idea of where we're going and trust that everything else will fall into place.
We don't need to be scared of failure, we need to be excited for the details to reveal themselves as we go...

Remember my client, from earlier? Although you may turn around and tell me she started doing MORE by going into nature, I will point out that in order to do more of what was right for her, she needed to do less of everything that was scaring her and keeping her in the fear loop.

So... if you take a moment and think about something you want for yourself, notice that quietly, nearly side by side with your excitement, a negative voice creeps in, and that voice tells you that you can't do this thing and also, you're going to fail because you're rubbish and have a tendency to fail where others succeed.

Thank that voice. Then shove it in a big box and remind yourself that the best things in life are the ones you never knew were coming, didn't plan for them, nor did they cost you so much money. The best things in life come when we say yes to things that scare us and no to things that try and stop us.

In other words, in order to achieve more, we have to do less. We also have to dare more and give less WOTSITS* about failure, about what can go wrong and how we're better off where we're at right now. (Wotsits are a British snack, just so you know)

Got it? Now go and get it!


This week in Healing Conversations I was talking with Beth Hill Poulin about 'What are the SuperPatches and how they can promote healing'

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Listen in as they unpack the science behind the patches, their effectiveness, and the potential cost-saving benefits in comparison to traditional medication. Join Einav and Beth as they engage in a thought-provoking and enlightening conversation about how these patches, described as "braille for your brain," could hold the key to a new approach to managing chronic pain and illness.

More about Beth:
Beth started being a helper as a teacher of French as a second language for 26 years, and after retirement joined a fabulous tech company to help her Grandmother on her 100th birthday. She then found more people to support her as she appeared to be addicted to helping. She is a proud mother of 3, stepmother, and new grandmother!

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I am beyond excited to share with you all this collaboration I started with my colleagues Ann Smets and Dr. Michelle Greenwell, and together we are offering an integrated healing experience, that will combine all 3 of our expertise. This is mainly in the realms of chronic pain, illness and unexplained medical conditions.

The program consists of 3 sessions with each of us:

With Ann: Ann helps people remove blockages in the cellular memory caused by all kinds of factors.
Her healing sessions are beneficial for those who suffer from physical pain and loss of energy, burnout, stress, emotional traumas, mental blockages, depression, and even levels of Karmic issues where one feels stuck but does not know why nothing is working.

With Michelle: Michelle specialises in movement to heal the body, using the BioEnergetic Wellness Formula for setting goals and intentions, developing awareness through biofeedback and muscle monitoring, activating energetic shifts in function, creating community both online and in person, advancing intuitive abilities in clients seeking to be self-empowered with their wellness plan.

With einav: Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code with Alignment Coaching to help heal or reduce symptoms and recognise where you still operate from fears, limitations and compromises, and how to shift to trust, harmony and alignment, instead.

The program will launch later in March for £1500 (9 sessions), but we are offering the beta stage for £450. (payment plans available, of course).

If you're interested in being a part of this beta launch then please let me know ASAP. Only 2 more places are available for Beta, after which, the full-price launch will commence.


I've worked with countless people to heal their chronic pain, illness or unexplained medical conditions. Also on helping people find their confidence and empowerment by finding their voice, alignment and trust. If you'd like to find out more about working together then please book a chat using the link below:

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