It's your imagination, again...

What makes us imagine the worst-case scenario even for events or situations where 'the worst' is not even all that bad?

Did I ever tell you how much I love Indian movies? Not necessarily the all-singing-all-dancing ones (they are great too, of course!), but others too, as to me, they show life in a simple, yet deep, light, and always bring some messages of spirituality, connectivity and filled with values.
A friend who shares the love of these movies, recommended I watch a certain one with some of his favourite actors. 

Having taken him up on previous recommendations, I sat down to watch.
2 minutes into the intro, I texted him. 'Are you sure I'm going to like this movie? I am already feeling scared!!'
'Keep watching', he said. 'It's good'.
I continued watching, and as the minutes passed, I realised I had one eye closed and was dreading the plot, which had some bad guy and a teenage girl.

A day or two passed and he asked - 'did you finish the movie'?
'I can't', I said, 'I will never be able to bear it if anything happened to the girl. Promise me nothing happens to her!'.
Also, I said... 'what is the translation of the movie's name?
'Devil' he said (Shaitaan - (I should have seen this coming!), and I cursed the decision to follow his recommendations!

Eventually, I watched it to the end and was relieved to note that my imagination was way way worse than the plot of this movie. Yes, it was dark, but not as dark as the places I took it to!

This made me reflect on what keeps us stuck and unable to move forward in life the way we want.
Why? Because we imagine the worst-case scenario and refuse to get out there and see for ourselves that life is not necessarily that bad or scary.

- saying no to learning how to dive, believing you will mess it up
- saying no to learning how to drive, worrying you'll continually use the break instead of the accelerator and vice versa
- saying no to a party invite because you don't have what to wear/don't know anyone there/know the other people there are all snobs

Kelly Clarkson said it best in her song - The Heartbeat Song':
"...I, I wasn't even gonna go out
But I never would have had a doubt
If I'd known where I'd be now..."
(here is the song if you'd like to hear it for yourself: )

Of course, I am reminding you to stop listening to your negative voice, the one that fills you with fears and lies. But I had to share this a little more creatively, so you finally believed me you do this too.

We all do, but imagine a life where you say 'yes' to at least 50% of the things you currently say 'no' to, AND show up to them without sabotaging. Meaning, you don't say yes to the party just to stand in a hidden corner all night. No. You go to the party and you make a deal with yourself to speak with at least one person about something meaningful.

Maybe it will be the first person you meet or maybe the 5th. But you don't give up until your mission is completed. Promise to try?

YES! That really is the only answer...

(PS: Shaitaan is a good movie. Very well made and with fantastic actors and acting. I give it 4 out of 5 stars!)


This week I also had the pleasure of chatting with Alec Kassin about 'From pain management to Pain-Free'. This conversation is a must for anyone suffering from TMS (mindbody symptoms)!

In this episode, we speak with Alec Kassin, a former semi-professional cyclist who suffered from chronic back pain caused by a ruptured spinal disc. Despite various physical treatments, including chiropractic care and nerve root injections, Alec struggled to find relief and experienced the emotional toll of living with chronic pain. His journey led him to explore the connection between the mind and body in his healing process.

Join us as Alec shares his profound experience of overcoming chronic pain, finding authenticity, and helping others on their own path to healing. We'll delve into the transformative power of mind-body approaches, the importance of trust and hope in the healing process, and the potential for athletes to unlock higher performance levels through healing.
Listen in as we navigate the complexities of chronic pain, the journey to self-discovery, and the profound impact of finding freedom from physical and emotional limitations.

More about Alec:

Alec Kassin is a certified chronic pain coach and Co-Founder of Pain-Free Comeback, the only brain-focused recovery program for athletes with chronic pain.

Born and raised in Northern California, Alec suffered from severe back pain at age 18 while racing as a semi-pro cyclist. This brought an end to his dream of turning pro, leaving him partially bedridden, on strong painkillers, and out of college. However, after an intense 2-year journey, he became pain-free, using the same mindbody principles he now shares in his work with clients around the world.

Alec primarily works with high-level endurance athletes to empower them to be pain-free, reduce mental pressure, and achieve next-level performance.
Alec has received cutting-edge training from some of the best chronic pain doctors and coaches in the world and has witnessed incredible transformations in his clients. His vision is to change the way the world sees and treats chronic pain: from ‘pain management’ to ‘pain-free.’

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I've worked with people to help them heal all sorts of medical conditions - mostly ones the doctors couldn't find drug-free solutions for. Examples?
- Fibromyalgia
- Psoriasis
- Colitis
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- and so many more

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