I dare you...

What would you do if you didn't need to do the things you do? What would you allow yourself to experience? What limitations and fears would you shed?


When I was growing up, around the ages of 6 to 10 or so, the 'school' I was in used to arrange some nuts experiences for us kids throughout the summer holidays. One of these was something we called 'an upside down day' and the rules were very simple. They basically came down to this: everything you always do, you DON'T on this particular day.


- Sleeping during the day and going to work at night
- The men would work with the children, and the women go out to the farm (some people did that year-round, but we are talking quite a long time ago when gender roles were quite differently defined)
- Have pudding before your main meal (or just pudding, and no meal?)
- Wear men's clothes instead of women's ones and the other way around
- and really - the crazier the idea, the better.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I feel that you are taking your life a little too seriously. Regardless of whether I know you personally or not, I have a hunch that you...:
- Take life very seriously
- Have very fixed routines and habits to support your busy life
- Been forever since you had a proper rest
- Been a very long time since you took time out just for yourself, doing the things that matter to you most
- Had a meaningful conversation with a friend about something other than the drag of life
- Spent the day on the beach, done an art class, made your favourite meal - just for you and just because
- Took a day off work and allowed yourself to follow whatever crazy shit brings you joy

My dare for you is simple...

In the next 7 days, take a day off and do the exact opposite of what you do each day. It doesn't need to cost you the earth or anything at all, it doesn't need to be illegal or dangerous. It just needs to remind you that you are not here to struggle and looking after yourself is, or shouldn't be off the menu!

Will you email me and tell me what you got up to on your own upside-down day???


Healing Conversations

This week in Healing Conversations I was talking with Corey Lyon Folsom about 'Soul Statements for Healing'

In today's healing dialogue, we are joined by the insightful and empowering Corey Lyon Folsom, a Love and Relationship Coach, as well as an author. Together, Corey and einav embark on a transformative exploration of soul statements for healing, delving into the profound impact of self-acceptance, self-communication, and the invaluable concept of self-worth. Through inspiring stories and practical insights, they illuminate the path towards inner strength, self-compassion, and authentic communication.
Join us as we uncover the power of acknowledging personal history, embracing self-empowerment, and harnessing the gift of adversity for personal growth. Get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowered living in this soul-stirring episode.

More about Corey:

Corey Lyon Folsom has been a professional tracker, aboriginal skills instructor, wilderness guide for newly sober people and vision quest leader. After a spiritual soul-awakening in 2009, Corey participated in Ipsalu, Source School of Tantra Yoga, Love Coach Academy, Tony Robbins and other programs.

As a certified NLP practitioner and relationship coach since 2012, he assists people from all over the world to increase the soulfulness, clarity and ease with which they experience life. Corey's passionate about helping people enhance their empathy and communication.

Corey’s book, Soul Statements: A Love Coach’s Guide to Successful Communication, is a practical guide to increasing personal clarity. Each chapter has a wealth of simple, yet potent tools for upgrading your communication, mindfulness and connection with life.

Social Links:

1) website book page: https://corerelationship.com/s...
2) website ~ https://corerelationship.com/
3) Facebook ~ https://facebook.com/coreF/
4) Instagram ~ https://instagram.com/coreylyo...
5) Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/love...

Expert Talk

Today we welcome special guest Gabriella Barone to explore the subject of inner child healing. Together, we delve into the significance of reparenting the wounded child and adaptative child within us and the role of inner child work in fostering self-compassion and healing.

Gabriella shares her insights on navigating triggers, embracing curiosity about our past, and finding inspiration in the transformative power of inner child healing. Join us as we unravel the complexities of inner child healing and uncover the keys to fostering a deeper understanding of our authentic selves.

More about Gabriella:
Gabriella is an Energy Healer & Yoga Instructor excited to share her knowledge of a meaningful topic apparent in her work: Inner Child Healing. Her wish is to share a piece of her with the community & explore connections to grow together. Gabriella's own experience working with her Inner Child has given her the gift of sharing this magical light with others.
Gabriella has a strong passion for helping others connect to the depths of themselves by focusing on the Souls' true path in this life experience. She admires the unique story of each individual and compassionately embarks on the journey beside each of her clients.

Social Links:
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Well, let me introduce you to your negative self-talk, and you might find solace knowing nearly all of us have it!

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