How to win at life: 7 tips from a top footballer

7 tips to inspire you to make changes to the way you currently lead your life. Things to think about, things to do differently.

I just happened to watch the first episode of a series on Disney Plus called 'Save our Squad'. The premise of the series is about a young football team currently at the bottom of the league. 

The idea is that David Beckham is coming to spend some time with the young players, to see if he can help them gain some confidence that will help them move up the table - and maybe even win?!?
I am not usually a football fan, but I do love me a 'feel good' watch, and it just so happened, that Beckham has some good tips to share with all of us (for any life situation...)

So... here it is: from meh to yay in 7 (paraphrased) tips:

1. It's all in the BELIEF!
If you believe you're going to fail - you will.
If you believe you've got it within you to win - that's exactly what will happen.
What can't happen is for you to believe you can't win and then win anyway... you have to be congruent!

2. You have to have an ATTITUDE!
There's little point in believing you can win and then being shy about it, or worse - worrying about what other people might think and judge you for the way you are being. Please note, we are not saying go out there and be rude or obnoxious, just that you create an attitude (fire) that will get you focused, motivated and rearing to go!

3. Always have FUN!
If you're not having fun, what is the reason you are where you are? What keeps you there? Is there another way to bring fun into your life?

We all have our unique set of talents and gifts no one else has. Yes, looking around you, you can probably see people YOU consider to be more talented than yourself, but this is NOT a competition. We are all here to shine as brightly as we can because this is who we are. When we compare ourselves to others, we dim our light and bring nothing to the world around us.

Ha! I bet you didn't see that one coming! Many of us don't like to speak up and/or say what's on our mind because we don't want to be rude, we don't want to stir things up OR we don't believe we can create a change. Find a way to speak your mind so that people get to see (and hear) the real you. We're not just talking about complaining (ufff complaining will rarely get you anywhere...), but we are talking about letting people in - so they get to know who you are and you can create communications that are based on kindness and openness and later on, trust.

6. Be a part of the TEAM!
Even if you believe you are the last man (person) standing, look around you! There are people there who are waiting for you to open up: ask for help, ask for guidance, and be there for each other... I say, team, you may think of this as a community. Without a community, we shrivel. We are social beings and we need to be a part of something. Find your tribe. Be a part. Let people in and be there for each other. Do you know what I mean?

7. Lastly... you have to STEP UP!
If you don't shoot - you don't score! So even if you're scared, insecure, or can come up with a million reasons why you shouldn't be doing something, the truth is that it's only when you step up and DO, that's when growth happens and life can become unstuck!


Not wanting to spoil any ending of the footballing series, I will just say that as an observer, I could really connect to what a big part self-belief and confidence play in our lives.

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