How to spot an opportunity?

How do you decide if to say yes to anything that comes your way? Is it always 'comfort' based, or do you also dare to say YES, just to try it out?

How to spot an opportunity

My dad told me this joke once...
A man fell into a river, and not being able to swim, immediately prayed to God to save him.
'God', he said, 'if you're really there, you'll save me'...
A canoe came past and the person onboard said to the man - here, grab this oar, I'll take you to shore...

And the man declined, waiting for God.
Some time passed, and a boat arrived. Come on board, said the people, and the man, again, declined.
After a couple more boats, the man sadly died. When he went to heaven and met God, he said - What the Hell, God? I trusted you to save me!
God said, 'Who do you think sent all these boats...?
Would you recognise boats coming your way, helping you, or guiding you on your way?
Too often we are so caught up in our struggles or routine, that we hardly stop to consider how come an opportunity has come our way when it did. We believe that there is only one answer, and unless this answer comes our way, we dismiss it, choosing, instead, to continue with our struggles and daily grinds.

If we stopped for a second and appreciated that out of the whole universe and the billions of people on this planet, this particular person and/or situation came our way, then we will do well to also ask ourselves, what is it here to teach us...

They say (ok, I say), that every person you meet holds a piece of your puzzle, the puzzle that carries your full life picture. Without this piece, your puzzle will not be completed (nothing like a bit of drama...), so why not give it a moment to consider what it's really doing on your doorstep?

Examples? Sure thing!
- You're invited to a party and you think, nah; can't be bothered, or, I know no one there. You opt to stay home, marking another day as 'completed' on your calendar of life.
But imagine thinking 'I wonder what the Universe has in store for me with this invite', and curious, you put on your best smile and head out. Maybe you meet someone new and fascinating to pass an evening, or maybe you see something on your way there that completely changes how you see or do life. Maybe, you get there and it's so dull, that you decide to head back home but happen to have a 3-minute conversation with some random bloke and 5 years later he mentions you in his MĂ©moire as the inspiration that changed his life forever.
- You've been feeling kinda stuck. Maybe your healing journey is not going anywhere, or at least not where you want. Maybe you've been dreaming about joining this course or masterclass but never felt like you quite found the right one. Then one day, this <thing> practically comes knocking on your doorstep. (it's the second time we've mentioned the doorstep - it must be important!)
...and what do you do? You literally look everywhere around you for reasons why not; it's too expensive, it's at midnight, it's 1:1, it's in a group, it's on a Wednesday, what will my mother say, I never wanted to do this in the first place... and you retrieve back into the comfort of your own mind and miss the neon signs that said - this is what you've been hoping for!

What I'm trying to say is that life is not meant for routine, habits and patterns to be held in the utmost reverence. We don't have to live a boring life or do each day as we did the one before that. We don't have to believe that there is only one way, which is YOUR way, and that you know better, but also admit you are feeling oh-so-stuck, uninspired and only happy when it's Saturday.

I guess you get my gist here. My challenge for you this week is to say YES to more things that come your way. Unless you know it's downright dangerous, in which case, just say NO.

Who knows what opportunities will come your way when you let them?

The Power of Protector Parts in Internal Family Systems Therapy'

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The episode also touches on brain retraining, the mind-body connection, and the importance of feeling safe in the process of healing. Join us as we uncover the power of internal exploration and the resilience of the human spirit in the journey towards holistic well-being.

More about Manya:
Manya Ronay is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHESÂź) and Internal Family Systems (IFS) practitioner based in Israel. She specializes in IFS for eating and mind-body healing, which she became passionate about during her own recovery journey.

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