How to solve any dilemma

What is the elephant in your room? What options are you refusing to consider and what would you find if you gave your negative voice the day off?

How to solve any dilemma

How to solve any dilemma

Two of the most memorable moments I had in India, when visiting there with my daughters in 2020 were connected with elephants.
The first, when we spent a day in an elephant sanctuary, feeding, washing, walking and loving a rescued elephant named Chunchal (restless, in Hindi).
The second was in The Jim Corbett National Park, when after a day of wandering, we came across a small herd of wild elephants, going about their business. The driver of our jeep was terrified of being so close to them (probably rightly so), but for us, being so close was pure magic. I honestly felt I could follow these majestic creatures forever!

I recently came across this joke that went:
A man went to his Guru and asked how he could find where he was going wrong in his life.
The Guru said - 'this is very easy. Simply tell your wife what you think of her relatives, and in no time, she will tell you everything that is wrong with you...'

The reason this silly joke came to mind is that the man's query was on point. We don't usually have a clear view of what we're doing or not doing to move forward in our lives. What we do seem to have, is a skewed view of how not good enough we are.

When we speak to friends or family and present them with our struggles, they tend to suggest the one thing we are not willing to try. We will often think about our path and determine that there are only three points of reference here:
- where we are right now
- our ideal situation (will never happen)
- the absolute worst option (anything else we can think of)

And the elephant? Well, exactly!
The elephant is hiding in plain sight - it is the one or two other options you are not willing to consider!
And why not?

Either because you don't believe in yourself you can ever pull this off, OR because you've recently had a close conversation with the UNIVERSE and it told you this can never be done...

Truth is, you are probably thinking in whole units (read - looking for perfect, off-the-shelf solutions), but what I'd like to remind you is that true magic comes from finding your way across options.

Someone once told me her cat was unwell and needed treatment. Her options, she said, were either to have a very expensive surgery or start a treatment that the cat already hates. And the elephant in the room?
The elephant was hiding the option to look for alternative energy healing that could have got the cat better and taken care of all the other options she was not keen on doing.

How do you approach dilemmas in your life? What valid options are your elephants hiding for you?

One important question you might want to ask yourself is, what am I not willing to consider because it means getting out of my comfort zone? (hint - this is the biggest thing holding you back right now).

Sometimes we truly believe the options we can see ahead of us are the only ones available. But when we allow for other ones to come up, we can find an opening we didn't see before and that is most likely to get us results we never dreamed were possible.

My suggestion is to loosen up and make a list of all the crazy options you can think of. Never mind your negative voice that will try and tell you these are bad, impossible or ugly!
Write them down, make a list as long as your arm, and then get down to sifting through the options: park your ego, give your negative voice the night off and set out to think (feel) big.

Some ideas will be nuts. The others will hold a key to a door that will alleviate your journey exactly where you always wanted to go and never knew the way. And what if you can't find it? All it means is that your elephant is still in your room. Check under the bed...

lung cancer natural healing

This week in Healing Conversations, I was chatting with Annakarin SjĂžberg about 'How I healed from lung cancer, naturally' - a truly inspiring story!

In this episode, our hosts Einav Avni and Annakarin Sjoberg delve into the intricacies of shifting emotional states to aid healing, emphasising the importance of regulating the nervous system and believing in the possibility of healing. They share impactful stories, including a remarkable account of Anakarin's natural healing from tumours in the lungs. Annakarin delves into her experience of overcoming cancer by embracing meditation and relaxation, empowering herself to make significant lifestyle changes that aided her recovery.
Together, they discuss the role of breathwork, emotional triggers, and the courage to overcome victimhood in creating a truly relaxed and empowered life for better health.

More about Annakarin:
Annakarin Sjoberg is an entrepreneur and a coach. Originally from Sweden but living in Marrakech. Annakarin self-healed tumours in her lungs which lead her on a path of deep dive into self-healing principles.

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