4 Concepts to Change Your World

Without giving too much away, this is a recap of some concepts that you probably need to be reminded of to have a better life. Or at least a week!


So...It was my birthday last week (always a highlight!), and this felt as good a reason as any, to get on with a bit of self-reflection; my very own 'New Year's resolution', without the need to hide myself in a cupboard in case I don't do what I set out to do...
This year's theme was 'new winds' - out with the old, in with the new sort a thing!
This made me also reflect on several core concepts I usually share with my clients and decided you might enjoy a recap, too.
So here we are... 4 concepts to change your world! (in no particular order)

Concept 1: break the damn habit!

You may not have realised this, but our brain has to deal with 2 billion and 34 bits of information per second! 34 bits come from our conscious mind (stuff from our senses), and 2 billion bots from our unconscious mind (cell regenerations, for example). This makes our brain not only a supercomputer but also a very tired one!
What the brain does, is create patterns - shortcuts - habits - which allow it to do less processing and save some well-needed power. This is good news for the brain, but not necessarily for poor old you, because you are stuck with habits you never cared for in the first place. For example? Having your first cigarette of the day with your coffee (ha! Just try and either have a coffee without a smoke or a smoke without a coffee and see what I mean). Another example could be, checking your phone as soon as you open your eyes in the morning...). If you are on a healing journey, a pattern, or a habit, could be checking in with yourself on a regular basis and bringing in the sensation of fear.
What to do? Find the habits that don't serve you. Write down a better pattern you prefer and start to repeat it consciously. After enough repetitions, your brain will be fed up trying to fight the old habit with the new one, and you will have won. Start today, mind!

Concept 2: Fixed vs Growth Mindset
Always a favourite because it doesn't matter if you're already familiar with this, it's one that always seems to get away.
The idea is simple: we all have both of these mindsets:
Fixed mindset: where we tend to see the gloomy side of stuff: we believe we are not good enough, that we'll never manage and that all the efforts we already put in, are all rubbish and we might as well through a tantrum and go home. Example? I ate a piece of cake, means the diet is ruined...
Growth mindset:
where we tend to see the challenges for what they are and not make it all about us. We know that our efforts are not wasted and if we don't get the results we're after, all it means is that we have to try something else, try again or keep going. Basically, the opposite of throwing in the towels. We also don't jump in to say that everything that went wrong was our fault. No Siree...!
What to do with it?
Just ask yourself if the current crisis you believe you are in is because you believe it's all doomed, and if yes, take a look at everything you've done so far, find the positives, find what needs changing and get back to it with renewed energy and curiosity!

Concept 3: When this... then that

A favourite amongst us hoomans... when I lose 10kg, then I'll be happy. When I'm healed, I'll live my good life. When I get the promotion, I'll know they appreciate me etc etc etc
John Lennon said quite rightly, that life is what you do when you're busy making other plans.
Know that if you can be <happy> then, you can be happy now. You just need to readjust your expectations and stubbornness. Find a way to make your life what you want of them right now and see your life doing exactly what you tell them to. Stop giving your powers to something that may never happen, and frankly, if you know what it is, just go for it. You'll find a way, I know that you will!

Concept 4: Everything you want is on the other side of fear

This is and always will be my most favourite topic. I talk about it a lot, as you may already know. In a nutshell - there is no one person to date, that can actually say they tried and have met their limits. Not really. Not without giving up and succumbing to their negative voice. Think about anything you take for granted today and remind yourself that this, too, was once considered a 'no way this takes off' situation. Including flying in planes, writing with ball pens or even vacuuming the carpets instead of beating the hell out of them on clear days.
What do you want for yourself? What is stopping you? Are you sure this is what stopping you? Or maybe it's just fear. Fear of failure maybe, or maybe, as the case more often is, fear of success....
So, I told you about my 'new winds' - what this means for me is that whatever was holding me back in the past, stays there. I am no longer available for the story and my invitation for you is to join me with this renewed energy. You want it? Then grab it. that's it!

This week has been fantastically busy with conversations and podcasts:


This week in the first Healing Conversations podcast, I was talking with Adele Stratton about 'Pain is Resistance'

In this episode of "Healing Conversations," renowned healer and holistic health practitioner Adele Stratton joins host einav avni to share her transformative journey from traditional nursing to embracing holistic healing practices. Adele's profound experiences include her own healing from a ruptured thoracic duct, which led her to embrace a holistic approach to well-being.
Through her intuitive and empathic abilities, Adele sheds light on the power of self-belief, love, and high vibrational frequency in the healing process. Listeners will gain insight into the impact of mindset on physical healing, the importance of inner work, and the resistance that individuals may face in their healing journeys. Adele's engaging storytelling and wisdom provide a thought-provoking exploration of natural healing possibilities and the mind-body connection. Join us for an enlightening conversation that delves deep into the profound connections between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of healing.

More about Adele:

Adele Stratton is an Integrated Manual Therapist and leader in the field of healing based in Ottawa, Canada. When Adele was in her early twenties, her search for answers to ongoing health issues led her to a transformative awakening. Adele's personal experiences have taught her the importance of understanding the physical and energetic state of the body in order to heal and live a fulfilled life.

Through her PHENOMENON mentorship program, Adele guides those seeking to heal deeply and understand the Law of Reflection. She advocates for trusting in the intelligence of the heart and not taking anything personally.

As the owner of Phoenix Rising Healing Centre, Adele offers a diversity of treatments suitable for clients seeking fundamental healing, including Quantum Healing, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, and Spiritual Coaching. Her greatest accomplishment has been healing herself from a near-death experience, and she now dedicates her life to supporting the healing of clients across the globe.

Adele’s success as an entrepreneur and her worldwide network of clients is a result of her unique perspective and dedication to her craft.

Social links:
1) Website: www.phoenixrisinghealingcentre...) Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/phoe...
3) TikTok: @phoenix_rising_hc
4) Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@Phoen...


My second Healing Conversation podcast was with Dr Sally good about Dementia Prevention through Lifestyle

More about the chat:
In today's episode, we are joined by the incredible Dr. Sally Good, a clinical psychologist with over two decades of experience working with elders. Dr. Good has observed the impact of lifestyle choices on cognitive health among the elderly and has valuable insights to share. Join us as Dr Good discusses the importance of socialisation, nutrition, and mindfulness in preventing dementia and improving overall well-being.

From the role of gut health to the link between diet and cognitive function, Dr. Good offers practical advice for making gentle lifestyle changes to support brain health. Get ready for an enlightening conversation on how small steps can lead to significant improvements and the power of gratitude in shaping our neurological well-being.

More about Dr Sally:

Dr. Sally Good is a course creator, psychologist, coach and author of three books on Amazon: Preventing Dementia using Gentle Lifestyle Changes, Gratitude Journal with Prompts and The Prayer Journal with Prompts. Her speaking topics include Dementia 101, Somatic Solutions for Stress, The Neuroscience of Gratitude, & CALM is the New Superpower. Twenty years of being a scientist/practitioner have led her to numerous conclusions, the most important of which is that dementia is, in many cases, a PREVENTABLE illness. You CAN change the trajectory of your ageing journey through gentle lifestyle changes.

Social Links:
1) https://www.linkedin.com/in/go... 2) https://www.instagram.com/sall...
3) https://www.facebook.com/sally...
4) X twitter.com/sophierasor


This week I had the pleasure and honour to be a guest on Doc Tovah TMS Round Table show. We spoke about trapped emotions and the stress that leads to chronic pain, illnesses or unexplained medical conditions. Watch by clicking on the image, and follow the Round Table by subscribing to their YouTube channel :)


Last week I shared with you about the AME for Greatness Project
(AME - Ann, Michelle, einav) and I am happy to let you know we've had a few people sign up.
It is not too late - you can still join for the Beta phase, but please hurry up so you can take advantage of this truly incredible offer!

The program consists of 3 sessions with each of us:

With Ann: Ann helps people remove blockages in the cellular memory caused by all kinds of factors.
Her healing sessions are beneficial for those who suffer from physical pain and loss of energy, burnout, stress, emotional traumas, mental blockages, depression, and even levels of Karmic issues where one feels stuck but does not know why nothing is working.

With Michelle: Michelle specialises in movement to heal the body, using the BioEnergetic Wellness Formula for setting goals and intentions, developing awareness through biofeedback and muscle monitoring, activating energetic shifts in function, creating community both online and in person, advancing intuitive abilities in clients seeking to be self-empowered with their wellness plan.

With einav: Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code with Alignment Coaching to help heal or reduce symptoms and recognise where you still operate from fears, limitations and compromises, and how to shift to trust, harmony and alignment, instead.

The program will launch later in March for £1500 (9 sessions), but we are offering the beta stage for £450. (payment plans available, of course).

If you're interested in being a part of this beta launch then please let me know ASAP. Only 2 more places are available for Beta, after which, the full-price launch will commence.

I am looking for 4 more women suffering from Fibromyalgia for a study about healing using my methods.


DM for details


I've worked with countless people to heal their chronic pain, illness or unexplained medical conditions. Also on helping people find their confidence and empowerment by finding their voice, alignment and trust. If you'd like to find out more about working together then please book a chat using the link https://calendly.com/einav-4/c...

einav x