Healing money wounds

Healing Conversations with Suze Maclaine Pont - Healing money wounds

How your relationship with money shows you where to heal sabotage, procrastination and early childhood trauma? In this conversation, Suze Maclaine Pont is helping us understand the gaps between where we want to be vs where we are right now. Suze helps us recognise that we all have limiting beliefs and trauma that are holding us back from where we want to be: in our business, with our money, as well as in life.

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About einav:

einav avni is a ‘pain-free living’ specialist. She helps people with chronic pain, chronic illness and unexplained medical conditions heal and reverse their symptoms. She does that by helping them recognise the psycho-emotional element that is at the source of their conditions.

In her work, einav combines methods and techniques from the worlds of coaching, the Body and Emotion Code energy healing, NLP, Neuroscience and Buddhism, all allowing her to connect with her clients and audience and help them achieve new levels of health, alignment and awareness.

einav is a writer x5 (one co-authored book: 'the power of reinvention' and 4 ebooks series titled ‘Invest in your team’s confidence and empowerment).